Question of the month

Question of the month

Postby Chaklet_Cookiee » Sun May 11, 2014 4:26 am

I thought it would be helpful if I make a thread with advices about illustration, thou there are lots of articles on the internetz. For the goal, this month, I decided to ask two very talented illustrators. You can suggest any question about illustration we could ask the next month here!

So to the question, "What is the most important thing when doing an illustration?", I got the following answers:

Michael Chang


"The most important thing is to relay the message." says Michael. A young artist who lives in Hong-Kong and has been doing illustration for Legends Of Cryptids. "You can do it by focusing on the facial expression and body language of the characters, if there are any. In illustration, it is important to make a dynamical composition and make a good use of light and shadow. This is how you make the illustration more attractive and eye-catching."


For Christoph Peters von Sperling or just Trejoe there are few important steps you should focus on.


"An image can be composed by multple factors, like composition, objects, emotions, effects, illumination and so on. The image-creation process is really important."

"In these days, to give a clear and direct message by an illustration is a poetry of art. Men have been creating narrative iconic images from long time ago, pre historic ages. We have always needed to do it. Narrative is directly related with the concept of an image and the function of narrative tools are the order and the structure of the rhythm of visual reading, and trying to make the people understand in a correct way the message that we want to give. If you want to tell your friend a story that has happened but he doesn't understand you well, you will have to repeat it and it will get boring.The same goes for the illustration.


Composition, framework or camera: it's objective is to sort and frame the principal action inside a logic margin that allows to read our image correctly. This is a primary and basic resource that every artist must manipulate to create a coherent narrative effect. The image and it's message have a rhythm. This rhythm must follow a coherent sequence and to make sure that everything is in order, is important to learn and planning our composition and know how the work the different frameworks.

Illumination: is an important aspect inside of narrative, it's objective is to complement the sensorial messages sent by an image or either highlight the most important narrative elements inside an image by using illuminating techniques.

By understanding how the color influences the sensitive perception, we can play with different chromatic trowels to reinforce every message that we want to show to the people."

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Re: Question of the month

Postby Lambs » Mon May 12, 2014 1:45 am

Woah, awesome idea! :D I always like to see advice from skilled professionals.

For the next question, I want to know what's the single most useful piece of advice they've heard, or the best lesson they've learned, from another artist.
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Re: Question of the month

Postby Thewalkingbar » Wed May 21, 2014 4:36 am

This is great! I hope this becomes a thing and I'm looking forward to the next post.
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Re: Question of the month

Postby DhArt » Wed Jun 25, 2014 1:07 pm

Amazing info! Im going to add this thread to my bookmarks! Hope to see some more advice in the future!
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