H.G. Maratta and color theory

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H.G. Maratta and color theory

Postby Styxcolor » Wed May 17, 2017 10:38 pm

Dear fellow permanoobers,

I have a very specific art literature question about H.G. Maratta, but I'm open to other suggestions as well so color theory in general also is in the thread title.

Robert Henri's "The Art Spirit" mentions the color teachings of H.G. Maratta. My first googling of his work provided me with these two great essays from other people using Marattas color theory:

https://attentiveequations.com/sloan-an ... or-theory/
https://attentiveequations.com/category ... g-maratta/

Really short round-up: Give a picture a dominant base tone and mix this tone into every other tone you will be using on the piece (up to 25% of the tone) to create a harmonious color scheme.
And: have in mind you can also mix/change colors by adding secondary colors, not only primaries.

Have any of you a copy of Maratta's oil pigment scale book or otherwise worked with his theory?

Which books can you recommend for deciphering the secrets of color (choices and effect) apart from that?

Thank you!
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