How to best learn to draw from the imagination?

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How to best learn to draw from the imagination?

Postby ble » Mon Nov 30, 2015 2:11 am

I'm pretty good at drawing anything I see. Given enough time, I can do a photorealistic rendering. But I cannot draw anything from the mind.

So what is the best method and strategy to learn to draw from the imagination?

With "method" I mean:

- Which construction principle to use? (These are the Bridgman / Hale / Hogarth / Loomis / Famous Artists etc. schools.)
- Not use a construcion principle at all but rather just keep drawing from reality (or photos) and find my own abstractions? (This is the Kimon Nicolaïdes school of "The Natural Way to Draw" and gesture drawing (Glen Vilppu).)
- Other methods?

With "strategy" I mean:

- Where to begin?
- How to proceed?
- What to do each day?
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Re: How to best learn to draw from the imagination?

Postby Henri » Fri Dec 11, 2015 6:32 am

I would say go with whats normal. Start right now and see what your'e getting and self diagnose from there. Chances are there are some rough fundamental things you'll notice. A great place to start is looking up Peter Han's dynamic sketching videos! Sorry no one got back to you til now jeez.

Personally I noticed I was really caught up in just line quality of all things when I started. Starting to draw with perspective in mind was difficult but even more so because I had never considered how you can simplify larger forms into simple shapes. I always thought it just looked impossibly simple and stupid.
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Re: How to best learn to draw from the imagination?

Postby Moe » Mon Dec 14, 2015 1:02 am

USE a construction method. It doesn't matter which one you choose( bridgeman, Loomis, Hampton, Steve Huston, Karl Gnass ,etc)

Drawing well from imagination requires an understanding of form. You can learn form by learning perspective. The reason you want to learn form is because when you understand form you can rotate objects in your imagination much easier. It's difficult to draw from imagination especially complex objects and dynamic angles when you are thinking in 2D.

Also, could you clarify what you what it is you want to draw from imagination? The process of learning to draw from imagination is simple. You start out by drawing it from reference a bunch of times and then draw from imagination. If you see some mistakes you go back to studying the reference then draw from imagination. You keep repeating this again, again, again, again and more and more and more... it's a slow process but very rewarding in the end.
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