Why do you use art forums?

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Why do you use art forums?

Postby Tobes » Thu Aug 04, 2016 3:57 am

why use an art forum at all these days? If you use facebook etc, why not just migrate and post there, like so many artists now.

Why do you use art forums?
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Re: Why do you use art forums?

Postby Styxcolor » Thu Aug 04, 2016 4:46 am

That's a good question.
I'm here because I personally do not believe that Facebook is the answer for everything, at least not for me. Facebook is not a page for artists. I don't like the idea that one day I might lose all rights to the pictures I post there (if I haven't already lost them). I didn't even begin with Instagram, which explicitely states in the TOS your posted pictures don't belong to you anymore.
Another problem is the mass. I can be invisible everywhere, but in an art forum even a small light like me might be seen. Within 24 hours after signing up I got concise, really helpful feedback to improve my artwork here, thanks again. I also like the atmosphere. Nobody has to show off here, as in social media where everyone is the greatest, it's just about the art and improving.
So I'm in an art forum.
Okay, this is just my personal opinion about this.
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Re: Why do you use art forums?

Postby fiftyeightsqq » Thu Aug 04, 2016 7:36 pm

Art forums are proof of people working on improvement in art.
By chance I started a sketchbook here because I had the same goal.
I also like to see the efforts from others and learn from their discussion.
Anywhere else isn't necessary for these things, so I settled in Permanoobs.
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Re: Why do you use art forums?

Postby rezzealaux » Fri Sep 02, 2016 10:50 pm

Structuring problem.

Facebook's structure is for promotion. Hard to do anything else.
Pinterest's structure is for discovery. Hard to do anything else.

I'd like to see other artists work on just random stuff, sketchbook-tier stuff rather than just all portfolio-tier stuff. Drop in and comment sometimes. Maybe get some in return. See the change of things over long periods of time. I don't think forums are the best for this, but they're decent enough given certain conditions.

Permanoobs currently meets those conditions.
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Re: Why do you use art forums?

Postby Enydimon » Fri Sep 09, 2016 9:47 am

I think rezzealaux covered it mostly for me. Content aggregators are great for spreading content, but not always the best for critique and feedback. I also find facebook to be incredibly outdated and don't like the feeling of people breathing down my neck every time I make a post on someone else's work. The issue isn't that people can find my posts, it's just that facebook feels like a constant performance and that isn't really what I'm looking for when I'm looking for earnest discussions and giving/receiving feedback.

Forums also have the advantage in that they are their own entity and I don't have to connect it to anything else that I use on a daily basis. It makes it easier to step back and see the bigger picture if it's not constantly in your face.
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Re: Why do you use art forums?

Postby Tobes » Wed Sep 14, 2016 6:44 am

I personally think that forum communities are important, the forum platform alone for artist groups is a great way to communicate, and share work. I feel that facebook is just an extension to how connecting with people has evolved.

Images are treated very different from video on the internet. If an artist could monetize image content per view, Such as youtube videos are monetized. Its a strange concept to think about. Imagine if you had to pay to become a user just to browse content on Artstation, for example. The artwork would be viewed but only to paying subscribers. That's quite an elitist construct, would be interesting to hear others thoughts on this. Doesn't websites like pinterest monetize photo sets?

I think as forums go, the structure of the platform could be greatly updated and improved. For example, artists and students are very busy with their time. We should be making art and studying when were not improving a painting or working on a portfolio.
For the professional, an art forum is a place to showcase work and connect with people, facebook really covers that networking thing. For a student an art forum is a very different place. Artists are busy, so checking into a forum and commenting or giving helpful creative feedback on others work is quite a task.Something which I don't see though on art forums, are professional artists employed by the forum to give creative insight and feedback. I really think this could be a good thing.
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Re: Why do you use art forums?

Postby Uiriamu » Sun Oct 23, 2016 2:09 pm

Great discussion over here, some interesting thoughts swirling around. What makes Facebook so off-putting for me nowadays is the fact that it's all about promotion and promoting yourself. And lets not forget the adds you get bombarded with... Literally every 6th or 7th post I scroll by on Facebook is an add of some sort. Whether that is a sponsored art page, an iOS/Android game with insanely busty Elven archers, or a clickbait article from Buzzfeed, it's just really off putting some how.

Maybe I'm just an old grandpa about this and likes the way it "used to be". :)
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Re: Why do you use art forums?

Postby arobro » Fri Oct 28, 2016 12:23 pm

I post on social media sites such as Tumblr, Twitter, and Instagram but as others have said posting there is like a performance. On those sites you're putting your best out there in hopes of promoting your work to a wider audience. They're like online portfolios.

On a forum site like this the atmosphere is a bit more lax. The struggle of each individual artist is much more transparent and interactive. You can see the hundreds of drawings an artist makes before making that one good drawing. There's no battle for likes or reblogs. It's like an informal online classroom. This can be useful for someone who doesn't have access to art education.
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Re: Why do you use art forums?

Postby BluePup » Sun Dec 25, 2016 5:31 am

I use art forums like I play league of legends; I post here once every few months hoping that my star spangled memories of the old days of Dota (or in our case, conceptart.org) have returned, and every time is radio silence.

Iunno, it's hard lol
I'mma start treating my thread like a livejournal so instead of just dumping and running I include some zesty bits of information as bait so maybe people feel more engaged with my work
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Re: Why do you use art forums?

Postby Styxcolor » Thu Apr 13, 2017 1:25 am

Time to re-visit this thread.
I posted here when I was relatively new to the forum. As I got deeper into the drawing training processes and began to earn a bit of money with my art, my opinion changed. And then somehow the new commercial branch had broken off, just as it had come unexpectedly, currently I'm focussing on improvement only.
I feel like I had a glimpse behind the mirror, behind what norms and society's values want me to see.

Yes, we are all in one giant competition named life.
So it's great to promote oneself, it's fantastic to earn money with what you love.
But if social media infect even the youngest or freshest artists with the thought of monetarizing everything, making a brand out of themselves (not only their art), that can't be good.
I feel like I'm surrounded with the demand, that all artists, also hobbyists who declare they don't strive for anything, are running in a competition for money, likes or whatever. It takes the soul out of art, if they don't know why they are doing it exactly, it makes them tools. Tools to entertain. Tools to feed another money processing machine in another branch of economy. Art is so subjective...it makes a bad good, it's not stable and it's not really measurable like "I want 100g of painting". "One real art please".

Maybe it's just me that does not fit in.
I don't want to give my soul away to brainless commerce and a hunt for numbers, neither of the side of the creators, nor on the side of consumers.
Of course, not all commerce is brainless. I don't want to label people/things/concepts/whatever.

I for myself just enjoy my time away from social media now. This forum is perfect. I received so much valuable criticism, months here helped me to develop faster than I had developed the years before. I was not fit to run the competition, at least not without losing the inner content of my content :')
If I have no time to breathe, have to produce all the time, I can't really be me and my pictures will show this.

I am so confused at times.
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Re: Why do you use art forums?

Postby Bojan Bozovic » Sun May 28, 2017 11:13 am

Well, I guess they're good for getting critique. Art education isn't available to everyone, simply due to costs and time needed. If you want to learn at your own pace, you're either left alone struggling with basics, or you get a critique. It doesn't need to come from a professional artist with a busy schedule, we all have eyes to spot obvious errors, weird composition, awkward color choice etc. And all what matters is that critique is honest and helpful. Facebook is no place for that, its only about self promotion. There are sites like DeviantArt, but you don't get a critique there either, or at least I haven't seen any in many years of browsing the site. And a critique is important it's about sharing experience, just because you're new to something it doesn't mean you have to struggle, when there are people who went the same path before you.
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Re: Why do you use art forums?

Postby AEBL » Thu Jun 01, 2017 7:17 pm

As someone new who's trying to break into the art forum world, it's because we want to be apart of a community. I'm not sure about any of those here but I do not have many creative friends, even fewer who are interested in design, very little interested in illustration and only one who is at the same general level as I am. I dropped out of the Facebook game in 2011, and Instagram only worked as a promotional offer as others have stated above. In an art forum we can put everything we have out on the table and discuss our short comings with the intention to improve. We all have come for the same purpose, and as history tells us it works. I've heard so many wonderful stories about CA in the past, and I really hope this forum continues on. if ya'll let me in ha ha.
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