A Beautiful girl XD ~ just for fun coz I like her

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A Beautiful girl XD ~ just for fun coz I like her

Postby Luna » Mon Jan 12, 2015 9:15 am

XD~ Just for fun~ :P

A Beautiful girl and the story in a film I really Loves
she loves a man Very much and even give up everything she has and even give up her life once and then she was so lucky got her life back...... and then studied Harrrrd and turn to be a very good Kungfu style person just because of him......

But he Still...... Loves Suuuuuferssssssssssss..................!!!!! .........
in the end, when she suffering for so many years....... she finally can marry with him...... because he found she is very Useful!!! But just Right in that Moment, ;_ ; there is another Handsome Wonderful man fell in love with her in the very First glance! And..... then... tragedy happened... (he is that man's different Mum brother!..... </3....)
But at least once when she getting old and sitting there to remember her life again slowly, she must with a nice warmed heart and happy because that there is a boy loved you as well when you were young and that was such an amazing pure love...

That's why : "once you want to suicide for a boy, my little girl, Please remember that you Might not know what an amazing life Could happen with your hard work will happen to you one day!!!"
This is just what I wanted to say to many little silly girls like someone long time ago and Do not do any silly thing! XP~

SO I like her story (Film story though!)
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