Just borrow a space for me to think a little silly thing :P

Can't draw while eating

Just borrow a space for me to think a little silly thing :P

Postby Luna » Mon Jan 12, 2015 10:00 am

Just saw "you" put a little question, and I had some silly thinking of this topic but scared to just let "you" know it too sudden...

I think I am not good for communicate yet, I never want to make friends angry but I worried if my mistake can bring the sadness come.
Those might be useless thinking points but does from my logic and feeling of a thing... and maybe the feelings are too naked to be nice too... but certainly what Silly me feelings:

From my own experience and feeling I think there are more poor people in the world than the rice people needed help, but they general couldn't or scared to pay. Sometimes Even the normal people could pay but still very careful of the things that they wanted. Maybe it's coz general people always wants more and keep planing more things and then forgot to pay the thing we really just needed it right now except the fantasy things (it except sometimes too)

1. But you might noticed there is a point that I found since when I saw my middle school classmate little girl keep being hungry for a month just trying to keep the food money for her favorite music star band one concert!~ I guess coz that's sth that can bring satisfaction to her so she went mad to pay so much for it. I think there is a similar feeling for art images too sometimes! yes! definitely!

2. The thing that just got her/his heart that moment he/she just really needed! For example, the time of she/he want to get sth done within a deadline and your stuff just got her/him. But this happening you might can't control and not notice coz it's Little too random among lots of customers!

3. Helped friends, that their circles of people could have the one from 1. & 2.. brings the customers come!

4. Team-up with friends group to make a dream happening and bring somethings valuable and useful to humans. (but long meaningful run) solve the problems. coz there are very different friends who all have very Different wonderful skills to solve different areas! I feeling once this done, 1.2. are all can be included! (but I know this might not be a good answer for that at all.... coz this answer is too far away in that road of the dream... yet...)

(btw, just wanted to let you know ... but I am suffering for a lot of things just because i am waiting for that "4." happening one day in my life... and hope that means no worries of food no worries of life, but focus on the love of the dream and hard working time with friends...)

Also I think sometimes Tutorials does the work! :P

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