Gaining some Confidence

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Gaining some Confidence

Postby pskibobby » Tue Apr 07, 2015 9:35 am

do any fellow artists or there have any tips for gaining some confidence? I've never been a confident person (childhood drama) and looking at others work who are younger and better than me makes me feel pretty darn hopeless. Like I'll never reach my goal (visdev artist) This is honestly a pretty embarrassing thread to make because I never bring this stuff up but I feel like the advice I get could also be useful for others to see as well if they're in the same place. I'm trying hard to make my dreams come true but I feel so behind.

Any words of wisdom are appreciated!
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Re: Gaining some Confidence

Postby Luna » Wed Apr 08, 2015 3:37 am

I wanted to say a lot, but in the same time I have to just... x
There is a book called <Magic of thinking big> that my Baboon have read to me couple of years ago, I think if you can read and read this book you might find some very scientific clue for make you confidence! @v@//
I learned a little way of being "confidence" were:
I trying to "Battle" for own weakness and thinking less or ignore negative thinking from my friends. (When I started to draw, one of my friend told me just give it up coz lots of reasons that she thinks I can not do it!!!) But I decided to let her knows my decision by a message and start to be a hermit turtle and thinking a lot of less from a negative ways (this Less thinking of sth sometimes is a Battle for ourselves) --> I found when You can win a Battle with yourself (by a good way of Battle), the confidence start to build up! :P
x Good luck and Never Give Up to do something! I think you need to win your first "Battle" in your heart! And Battle is never going to be easy, you need a good plan and Strong hard life Character to keep and learn to love the Quiet and lonely. and you might find out after those the situation will be changed! o(∩_∩)o HOHO~
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Re: Gaining some Confidence

Postby rezzealaux » Tue Apr 28, 2015 10:30 pm

I had some problems with confidence when I was starting out. I think conceptually it's just a problem of being too serious, or to put it another way, putting too much 'mental weight' on everything you do. If something isn't a big deal, then there's no point in being anxious about it right? Not even a question of "confident or not confident" for simple stuff; it's just a matter of whether or not to do it. Simply choosing to do or not to do is easy.

More specific to drawing and art, I'd encourage you to watch a very good video from Matt Kohr of CTRLPAINT on this topic ( The crux of it is to differentiate between "goal" and "expectation", and to set reasonable expectations.

When I first watched that video I thought his specific expectation of just having photoshop open was somewhat silly, so I did something different. I gathered all the best drawings I had done, and sorted them by mental category: "this is the best i have done on heads from the front, this is the best figure i've ever drawn", etc. Then whenever I wanted to draw in my head but felt uneasy in my heart, I'd go to that folder and remind myself what my capabilities really were. Rather than ask myself "Can I draw this really beautiful thing I'm seeing here?" and always answer with a resounding "No", I'd look at what I had picked out as the best I had done and asked, "Can I draw better than this thing I drew before? Can I make some improvement over that?". This is much easier to answer in the affirmative.

After several times I stopped going back to the folder, and haven't updated anything in it since. It's just obvious to me that I'll do better than last time, and if every time is better than last time, then that's good enough for me. It becomes how much more I can do better than my best last time, rather than how much more do I have to do to get to beauty.

Sometimes I hit big bumps in the road and do significantly more poorly, but since the overall trend in my mind is improvement, I just see them as evidence that I've just missed several big principles all this time, and use them as opportunities to make bigger leaps.
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