Hello, I'm the new guy

Can't draw while eating

Hello, I'm the new guy

Postby Zonalar » Fri Jun 05, 2015 5:10 am

Uhm, i found no other fitting place, so i thought i post it here.

Hey guys, I'm Zonalar, 22, and like to draw in my free time occassionaly - like most people. I kinda got it into my head that I'd like to get my skills to a level where I can not feel ashamed anymore for asking for money for comissions and stuff. I admired somebody (MarkWester) on Deviantart and wrote a comment to how he got there and how i can get as good like him. Well, he recommended this forum so here I am.

I'll be gone reading the rules now and sometimes come back to post drawings of mine ready to be criticized. Just so I'm not a complete faceless member, here are a few pictures of my prouder work:

- Well i just realised i cant post links :D So I'll use an attachment instead of my best work yet.
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