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Re: Corner Table

Postby DaSaurian » Fri Apr 15, 2016 12:26 am

@werkop-Thanks for all the critique so far. This forum is definitely helping a bit, or at the least, it's motivating me to do stuff. All the resources posted here are pretty useful. I have tried to look up a bit more human anatomy and geometric construction. It's going alright so far. Proper lighting, however, I might need to relearn a bit.

Now, I tried a couple things with perspective. Honestly, I've kinda got how it works from other classes I took but I was never really able to apply it to actual drawings or settings. So besides a few observational and study things, I also looked up a bit into foreshortening because I feel that's always important to know for figures and people. If anyone has any references for these kinds of poses, it would be great if you could post it. I noticed that some people are using posemaniac or something like that so I'll probably check that out later.
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Re: Corner Table

Postby DaSaurian » Fri Apr 15, 2016 12:30 am

Well, I was actually gonna post some more stuff but for some reason, the forum thinks it's spam so I had to cut it off a bit. I was also gonna say that I noticed that though my study drawings have been doing decently less terrible than usual, I still kinda struggle in observational drawings, specifically with people. Now I know I'm really just suppose to be using them as a temporary reference of sorts but I always kinda want to look back but then they just keep moving somewhere else. Either that, or I just kinda rushed these. Idk, I guess I could also work on line work a bit.
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Re: Corner Table

Postby fiftyeightsqq » Sat Apr 23, 2016 12:02 am

Did miscellaneous studies on paper and it's definitely different from digital.
Going to need some time to get used to it and build up what skill was lost in the transfer.
I'll keep studies on paper while animating digital and then switch in the future.

First animation is a lackluster run cycle on twos.
Forms are a bit inconsistent and I should draw them in a way that's simpler perhaps.
For sure I'm going to need to change the way I draw when it comes to animation.

Second animation is a small study on one of Takeshi Honda's drawn in Dennou Coil.
It's a pretty good series I'm watching right now that's directed by Mitsuo Iso.
I believe that the window is used to help show to the viewer how the position of the head changes.
Learned quite a bit from the study overall.

I figured some problems about my construction of figures while using traditional.
Or rather, it's because I'm using traditional that some changes to how I draw is necessary.
No CTRL-Z or "infinite" erasing in the real world.
Though to make up for that, I feel like have an increased level of control over my marks now.
I don't really use the eraser and I'm comfortable with a pen so those are good signs.
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@DaSaurian - Sup Ethan. Posemaniacs is pretty nice, the models aren't exactly "real" humans but the poses themselves will vary in the perspective/angle a lot with some pretty unconventional ones. There are other useful drawing tools on the website too. Though for a website with a lot of regular humans posing, I recommend SketchDaily. A fair amount of people also like to use Croquis Cafe and the related videos that are available on youtube. Also drawing from life, I know how you feel and it's something I should be doing more of too hahaha.

A pattern I've been noticing in some figures you draw is they seem like they are missing a pelvis which makes the legs look tacked on. Though if you keep studying the geometric construction of how it works, you'll be on the right track. It's a bit of a tricky area for me too. Consider doing some studies on "upgrading" the mannequin that you use to draw with. For general advice, something I think I've figured out for myself is that consistent mistakes usually are sublinked to a consistent drawing process so working on the latter will take care of the former in many cases. For applying perspective to figures if you haven't looked into it yet, I think Loomis's "Figure Drawing for All it's Worth" can help on that subject better than Hampton because he has a lot of examples/explanations. Also, Permanoobs has a section called Bootcamp with a topic on the subject Bootcamp 2: Perspective applied to the figure. The other weeks are also worth looking into as well. @chazillah is a very nice person to take the time to make them so I want to finish them all. It's definitely in my mental backlog to complete some day.

@werkop - Animation (2D especially) definitely feels kinda niche since I see some names consistently. I'm more convinced about it now because I thought you were just another animator at first, but I guess I'll see H.Sung again some day too hahaha.

Also, the Handprint website has really good of information on watercolors too. I've only skimmed that section a bit but I can it's really good and will go through it more thoroughly when I start using watercolors. Speaking of technical resources, if you didn't know of it here's another one which is like Handprint except for color: The Dimensions of Colour
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Re: Corner Table

Postby devilbun666 » Sat Apr 23, 2016 9:47 am

Industrial Design what is this topic want to see?

what is "hop in and say I'm jelly." means quite not understanded.
Today's practice of structure and corrected by my teacher.
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Re: Corner Table

Postby werkop » Sun Apr 24, 2016 5:31 pm

DaSaurian - I agree with 58sqq that your figures are often missing a pelvis, or a properly constructed pelvis. Upgrading the mannequin is a good idea, and doing some more in depth studies of how the pelvis is formed and attached to the spine and femur is very helpful in understanding the function. That being said, exploring avenues to break fundamentals is all fair game, just don't ignore them.

58sqq - Ah yes, the run cycle. I've done a few but I really should do more and more. My observations on them is that, as long as you keep a balanced "rhythm," you can add oscillations/rotations in any axis, on any pivot, to liven it up. Right now, your first run cycle mainly oscillates at the hip socket, knees, and shoulders, and they tend to only rotate around 1 axis. Most running motions create figure 8's in multiple axis, on multiple joints, which really energize the cycle. I'm sure you're already aware of it, but just want to throw out my thoughts.

And yeah, waiting to see if H.Sung will pop up again, although I really shouldn't say that after being dead myself for so long. The Dimensions of Color is also one of my fave resources, which I've already gone through a long time ago. Definitely worth reading over again though, so much good shit in there!

devilbun666 - Hey Hsu, Industrial Design is a pretty broad field, but if you google "industrial design sketches" you should get some good results. And saying "I'm Jelly" is just slang for "I'm jealous," because 58sqq had an original key frame from a very cool animation project.

Here is my shit. I've been lazy, and deviated pretty quickly from the original theme. Mostly just sketching faces and then trying to figure out those damn knees again. I need to find the rhythm of them so I can figure out a way to draw them while keeping it aesthetic. I tend to either make the knees ugly or just butcher the structure to make it look cleaner. I've found that the 'shape' of the knee-cap+tendon+ligaments favors the shin over the thigh, which makes sense since they insert at the head of the tibia. Need to figure out a logical simplification still as well.

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Re: Corner Table

Postby fiftyeightsqq » Wed May 04, 2016 8:52 am

Nothing really too new except for usual practice.
Did a few things on what I think might be industrial design.
Got more experience with making values with the pencil.
I think I'll work on more copy studies.
Some images are a bit hard to see so I might pick random pages next time.

First animation is a dance move.
Second animation is random motion focusing on boxes.
Random heads in the background were made during a break.
Different methods, but boxes feel like the right one to follow, at least for now.
Also it took me this long before I realized I could set hotkeys to control the CLIP Studio timeline.
I've just been dragging the timeline slider or clicking buttons ugh.
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@werkop - Well the info saves me time of figuring it out myself hahaha. I'll apply it on my next run cycle.

Yeah, knees can be pretty finicky since making it look really right involves knowing the surrounding area with muscles as well as the bone. Haven't studied enough of it myself so I don't pay much attention yet, but last time I was in anatomy I left off thinking about marking simple bone protrusions with lines. Otherwise I just butcher the structure too hahaha.

@devilbun666 - You've got a cool assignment and teacher that makes me jelly.
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