James take off a number of social accounts

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James take off a number of social accounts

Postby uupp » Tue Mar 22, 2016 12:05 am

The insider said James take off a number of social accounts, he did it to concentrate for the playoffs disable social media to prepare in advance. As we all know, every year the playoffs, James, in order to maintain focus, free from outside interference always disable social media.

Today, a war with the Nuggets, James outstanding performance, he played 33 minutes under the H-33 points, 11 rebounds and 11 assists. James remarks from the point of view after the game, he did all the attention on basketball. Turning to individual performance, James said: "I feel good today, my own rhythm, the rhythm of a good start to the morning shootaround my status is very good, I put myself in the morning to the state competition.."

Knight got the win today after the first 50-win season, and lock the sub-Division championship. James said: "In this journey, you can never put any achievement as is as it should, you have to rely on their own to fight for the team and all the players, this is a great achievement when you end your career. you can use this as a conversation, which is pretty cool thing. "

However, James also reminded his teammates: "I think we have to challenge ourselves, we must also play a better performance."

James not only efficient offensive game, 12 of 19, he also organized by the offensive team combed order. Replace sick Carrefour first play of Frye hit three 3-pointers today, he said: "Every time he passes to open shots I made when I was a blacksmith I always feel terrible, because I know he always in looking for the open man. to have the opportunity to work with him feel very lucky that I worked with him one of the most unselfish player. "

Cavaliers coach Taryn - Lu also said: "I think today, James moved the ball well done, he did not have too many singles, one on one, when he played, we sent out 38 assists team, we are hard to beat of."
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