Critiques super welcome!

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Critiques super welcome!

Postby MarioTsota » Wed Mar 01, 2017 12:10 pm

ImageSo I tried making an illustration that contains some kind of story in it, I learned a big lesson that I should always do thumbnail sketches before I get into the illustration part, because I changed the design so many times while I was painting it and it took me so much time to even get this result, which in the end didn't really satisfy me. So I would love it if you guys gave me a critique!
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Re: Critiques super welcome!

Postby Styxcolor » Wed Apr 12, 2017 1:50 pm

Hello and welcome here :D

My first impression of this piece was my own personal confusion as viewer.
Why? I think, your piece has all elements, a really good action/sf illustration should have. A city in really nice perspective, dramatic lighting, dramatic warmth/cold color contrasts, cyberparts, superhero capes, explosions, just everything! And it's really well done. It is not about the skill. You definitely have skill.

Then I wondered, why the elements of your picture do not merge together for me to a wholly enjoyable visual unity.

I identified two sources:
the lighting/warmth-cold-colors contrast is not used consequently.
I understand it, that the background is (warmly) lit by the explosion whereas the cyborg's nearest surroundings (including himself) is dominated by cold artifical light.
To me, the skin color of his face is too warm. This element does not fit into it's surroundings. I do not say, it's wrong- maybe there is a warm light source before him. But then you wouldn't need the warm/cold contrast at all. I guess the picture would be more harmoniously, if his face was greyer, maybe more violett and blue tones instead of warm flesh. And I am wondering right now, how much light and darkness is there in the scene? How did you plan it? Maybe the focus on the cyborg would be easier for me as a viewer, if either he or the background would lay in darkness more clearly. Eyes love contrasts :D

his thorax.
I wondered what is wrong with the cyborg in my perception.
As all other elements of the picture, he basically has everything he needs to function visually.
What disrupts my eye here?

You placed him quite monolithically in the middle of the foreground.
The pose is not wrong, it just emphazises his stiffness there.
And what causes all this is the thorax.
There is no single element that is wrong here, the thorax just looks like it goes down in a straight line...well, which it doesn't. Of course we both know that the vertebral column is not a straight line, it's an S-curve that makes the thorax's upper part lean back. Maybe it's coincidence of perspective and armor, that it looks so stiff and straight here. If the outer line of his back was set a bit higher and consequently more foreshortening in his belly region his body would look more dynamic.

I hope my opinion was helpful.
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Re: Critiques super welcome!

Postby MarioTsota » Mon Apr 17, 2017 4:47 am

Thank you very much! I appreciate your critique, it helps a lot :D
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