Things that will actually make you improve

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Things that will actually make you improve

Postby Hai » Fri Jun 19, 2015 4:20 pm

From your experiences, what makes you improve?

1. learning by observation of paintings(this one is really a hit or miss, you cant possibly know what the painter thinks about, unless you gather the resources they had, most of the time very specific solution for a very specific problem) Grade B
2. drawing tons(this one is a long-term thing. you dont see results right away, but the knowledge sticks with you when you suddenly have to draw something you did 2 years earlier) Grade A
3. online courses(there are some very very good online schools out there. i would say i dramatically improved my drawing and painting skills with those- im particularly refering to newmastersacademy) Grade A+
4. tutorials(mainly good to learn certain techniques, they can help to establish a workflow or solve specific problems for you) Grade B+
5. books -text-(very very hard to apply the information, because the knowledge is MASSIVE, particularly talking about books with ton of text, the knowledge stays in the back of your brain, you may refer to certain things as needed, overall very good if you want to go deeper, but its difficult, many things have to do with changing the way you think) Grade A
6. books -instruction-(following these meticulously will dramatically improve drawing skills) Grade A+
7. mentors/critique/forums(there are certain things in your work you cant notice yourself, getting another opinion can be very good to direct you and think about something you would have never thought about otherwise, getting very very important pointers) Grade A
8. Learning by doing(a very good way to find out about things yourself-sometimes you remember pieces of knowledge you gathered in the past-a very good way to activate the long lost knowledge) Grade A
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Re: Things that will actually make you improve

Postby Matthias Hausmann » Sat Jun 20, 2015 4:16 am

Hey Hai, great summary!

I think it's really important to discuss learning processes, because many people suffer a long period of not knowing what to do when they begin to learn painting (myself included). The problem is, there are sooo much thinks to learn about and sooo much information about them.

I think you already covered every important category of learning resources and i absolutely agree on everything.

What i'd like to add is:

4b)Tutorials: Watch them over and over again. Suck up the technique & workflow and copy it explicitly. You won't magically learn how to do things yourself. So why don't learn from the people who figured things out. You need to fill your toolbox.

8b) Step out of your comfort zone. Throw yourself in at the deep end. Push through.
I personally thing that forcing yourself to do paintings that you consider as finished teaches you way more than doing study after study. Because you will automatically hit road blocks that show exactly you where your weaknesses are. And to finish the painting you will have to overcome them. It takes long, it's often no fun, because in the end you notice that you made so many mistakes that you don't like your painting anymore. But at least it makes you start right over.

I think this is a very interesting topic and i'm looking forward to your opinions. :)
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Re: Things that will actually make you improve

Postby Zearthus » Sat Jun 20, 2015 8:16 pm

1. Study
Will just direct to a video that speaks about it, which I think is an excellent way for approaching studying:

2. Hard work > Talent
Will just direct another video about this matter as well haha.... - Shortcut to becoming a better artist

3. Study Groups/Partner
I feel, having a consistent study group/peoples to learn with, can improve the speed of learning at a faster pace. Because, you see your buddies, and you want to also remain consist with progression in order to maintain your skill level. Of course, I haven't found anyone to do this with yet... unfortunately.

Trying to find this kind of environment through livestreaming now.

4. Routine
Same way you take shower everyday, I believe having a drawing routine for at least 30 minutes a day can help tremendously, than no routine at all.

5. Imagination
Nothing is best than studying, then applying what you learned. That way you can see what you still lack/need to study.

Those are the things that comes to mind, in terms of improving.
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Re: Things that will actually make you improve

Postby foxfire » Tue Jun 23, 2015 12:30 pm

interesting thread hia , i like how you summed it all up.

ill try to grade the things you mentioned , from my own point of view.

Learning of observation of paintings. Grade A , yep kinda hard to really interpret what the master/pro artist has done, but when you look closely and study it youll get something out of it. Art i think throughout is built upon top of each other. just like technology.

Drawing lots A+ , drawing / painting is all about Mileage , its just is. i dont wanna go full scientific here, but its a skill based activity like that of music where muscle memory , and rhythm must be built up by just doing it over and over again. theres no other way other than to do it. A LOT.

Online Courses A i have taken tons of online courses througout this year , and i will say it does help out for a certain kind of direction, but still i find it daunting to do as some of the Courses I took is without feedback/critiques so i dont have much say as to how much it would help if i do have the one with mentors and stuff

Learning by doing A+ this ties in to the mileage thing i talked about. you simply get what you want per se. if you do it youll get better at it . its that simple.

now this is only me , so feel free to disagree. i only account for experience so far. im still not on a level that i wanted to but ive been doing this for quite some time now that im starting to make clear, what things to work on.

Tutorials B i agree good for workflows and specific techniques not very good with fundamentals. you need to do more than that wich gets us to---

Books A you just need to know how to read , how to comprehend it well. yep info is DENSE as fck but its all there , you just have to give time and effort.

Mentors A+ Now this is a really fun way and fast way to learn . especially if youre a competitive guy/gal . its all where its really at. its basically an Education online with a personal tutor if I may say.
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